“My knee was a wreck when I fell off my bicycle in May. I was scared and in great pain when I arrived after multiple surgeries. The rehab staff gave me the confidence and support to help me get back on my feet. Thank you all, for all you did for me as I began to heal. Your help and smiles made it bearable.”


Many thanks,
Cynthia Griffiths 



The Emerge rehabilitation department provides one-on-one, specialized therapy services that will enable each individual to achieve their goals! When you’re looking for the physical therapy rehabilitation Nassau County, NY relies on, trust in the professionals at Emerge Nursing and Rehabilitation at Glen Cove.

General Goals of the Emerge Rehab Program

  • Restore physical & cognitive skills needed for independence and function
  • Regain mobility by building strength and balance
  • Improve speech and swallowing
  • Manage tone & spasticity to promote functional use of affected extremities
  • Provide extensive patient and family education and training
  • Facilitate smooth transition to the community

Physical Therapy

Our highly trained PT staff performs balance and gait analysis by utilizing the state of the art Smart Balance Master system. These computerized assessments help to identify the specific components of your vestibular, visual and somatosensory balance systems, in order to identify, treat and reduce fall risk upon discharge.

Occupational Therapy

Our expert OT staff utilizes a holistic approach enabling you to achieve your activity of daily living goals and facilitate maximal level of independence upon discharge.  Through therapeutic exercise, cognitive retraining and community reintegration, every step of the way will be focused on everything from basic self- care activities all the way up to community and vocational retraining.

Speech Therapy

Our specialized ST staff enables any individual with swallowing difficulties the potential to return to safe swallow of all consistencies of food and liquid.  Certified in Vital Stim and FEESST, only the latest technology is utilized to enhance and achieve optimal swallowing results.

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